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Name Postion Number
Mykail Harper PG/PF 0
Alton Mccullers PG/SG 2
TyQuan Bridges SG/SF 3
Jamal Turner PG/SF 1
Shamar Hill PG/SG 13
Jayden Hawthrone SF/PF 7
Jeremiah Stimpson PG 11
Dustin Mcceahen C 21
Orlando Daniel C 32
2016-17 Player Roster

Team Building Enrichment Project

We had a great time learning about student life at UNCG. The Gate City Kings would like to thank Community Play for their service as well. Gate City Kings Athletics is committed to giving back to both the campus and surrounding community. By providing opportunities for student-athletes to serve, these young men and women make meaningful contributions to society. Teams as well as individual athletes are involved in numerous charity and community organizations and schools. Some student-athletes have also created, initiated and implemented service projects/activities with assistance and support from The Gate City Kings and Community Service office on campus.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a sustainable basketball program for the youth between ages 7-17 years old in high risk communities; to help reduce the incarceration rate among the youth and increase their graduation rate.


To provide recreational sports activities with requirements for students to maintain a C average in school, uphold a satisfactory conduct, and have a consistent attendance rate. Students will not be rejected from the team if they violate our code of ethics policies but they will lose minutes in basketball games and if a player is suspended from school he will be suspended from a tournament. We will reward them by taking trips playing basketball around college basketball scouts and national ranking evaluators. This will better the chances of our youth to get nationally ranked into the University that they want to attend.